About Your Therapists


Lisa Woody, LMT- Owner and Therapist

I have been a Massage Therapist since 2005 and have been fortunate enough to have had a variety of clients presenting me with a great knowledge base for many different conditions. Live Well Massage Therapy is focused on helping those with medical ailments and any type of disability. While this is our focus, we are still committed to providing Massage Therapy for individuals seeking general massage for relaxation and health benefits.

I am truly passionate about what I do and therefore do not consider it work, it is part of who I am. I continue to further my education so that my clients will always be confident in receiving therapy from me and so that I am able to help as many as possible.

Live Well Massage Therapy is based on the belief that each client's needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. 

It's Your Body. It's Your Life. Live It Well. 


Michaella Misko, LMT

Hello Everyone!

I'm Michaella and have been an LMT since 2006. I'm a graduate of the Cortiva Institute, Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, Washington.

I came into this vocation after having been in the "traditional healthcare field" since 2000. My experience of working in a hospital setting gave me first-hand insight of what our current healthcare system offered and where it was at. As much as I saw great patient care, I also saw bad patient care and a lack of compassion and enthusiasm from other healthcare professionals in their chosen fields. It hurt to see patients treated as "just another number" and their wants or needs going unheard.

I also realized that one way or another you were going to have to pay for your health; either now or later. The #1 reason for bankruptcy in the U.S. in fact is due to MEDICAL DEBT! What we have come to know as "Healthcare" is actually the Business of Sick Care because if people were truly healthy there would be no obscene profits to be made.

Knowing that, I made a conscious decision to help others as best I can by offering another way; alternative routes than what we've been taught- by educating them on the "power of touch" and other holistic modalities.

My Specialties include:

Injury/Treatment, Stress Reduction/Deeper Relaxation, Headache Relief, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils application, Sleep Difficulties, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Back/Neck/Shoulder Issues, Reiki/Energy Work