Cryoskin Payment Plans

Interest Free Payment Plans

3 Packs- ½ Down, ½ due 2nd Session

5 Packs- 1/2 Down, 1/4 Due 2nd Session, 1/4 Due 4th Session

10 Packs- 1/2 Down, 1/4 Due 4th Session, and 1/4 Due 8th Session

 20 Packs- 1/2 Down, 1/4 Due 6th Session, 1/4 Due 14th Session

20 Sessions CryoSlimming/Toning
                15 Sessions CryoSlimming/Toning + 5 Cryofacials



Financing also available on purchases over $300 for those needing smaller monthly payments. No credit checks but, payments are reported to credit agencies to help your credit. Plan built to your budget and time frame. Financing through Denefits.