Happy Love Day

We often forget how important it is to give ourselves the same love we give others. This Valentine's Day Give a Little Love to Yourself with any of our Self Care specials. 

 Cryoskin & Massage Therapy Packages up to 30% Off


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Cryoskin Includes:
CryoSlimming is our non-invasive fat loss solution to address those pockets of unhealthy and stubborn fat.
CryoToning can be used alone or along with CryoSlimming to tighten loose skin, lessen the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and provide lifting in those not so tight anymore areas.
CryoFacials help improve the appearance of the chest, neck and face by reducing wrinkles, increasing collagen production, evening the skin tone and more.
CryoTherapy is our pain management protocol done in 5-10 minute sessions to remove swelling, pain and inflammation related to conditions such as Sinusitis, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, RA, OA, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy and hematomas.

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Our Massage Therapy sessions are tailored to each client's needs and we understand that those needs can be different with each session. 
Massage Therapy is our general relaxing Swedish massage when you just need to unwind. 
Advanced Massage Therapy includes any combination of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point or Sports Massage and stretching as needed. 

Use Codes: 2PackMassage, 4PackMassage or 6PackMassage


Spread the Love Packages

A Little Bit of Love                                                                                           

30 Minute Massage                                                                                      
30 Minute FAR Infrared Sauna                                                
Mini CryoFacial                                                                                                      

SRP- $260 NOW $215     Use Code: LtlLove                                                                              

A Bit More of Love 

60 Minute Massage
30 Minute FAR Infrared Sauna
Mini CryoFacial

SRP- $300 NOW $240     Use Code: BitLove

A Whole Lot of Love

60 Minute Massage
30 Minute FAR Infrared Sauna

Full CryoFacial

SRP- $365 NOW $300    Use Code: LotLove