The Gift of Art

When you visit Live Well, our first goal is for everyone to feel welcome when they walk through the door. We want you to feel the light, the care and the passion we have in all things we provide to our clients and customers. 

Many of the items you see in our front office are available for purchase. Most of these items were made or provided by one of two artists. Each item will be listed here and as art is rotated we will keep them here for viewing until they are sold.

David Woody, Lisa's late father, was an artist of many forms. His first love and form of art was in restoring antique and classic cars, his second came when we gave him a class to learn how to do stained glass for Father's Day one year. This turned into a more than 30 year art form that our whole family came to love dearly. As the years passed, Woody's passion and vision grew and he began working with wood. His main mediums were Osage Orange and reclaimed wood from farms around his home in Florence, Kansas. Many of these one of a kind pieces were moved from his shop in Florence and we are proud to display them to share with you all.

Wilhelmina McKittrick is a woman of many talents. Not only is she our Hypnotherapist and Art Therapist but, she is also an amazing artist. Her art forms are painting, jewelry and other spiritually inspiring items. 

Wilhelmina is a self-taught artist. She started her artistic exploration at a young age, and will teach you her unconventional skills in a peaceful environment. She has worked with teens/kids/adults, and loves sharing her passion to help others grow their art skills.

Select/mention the type of painting (see below) you would like to create in the class you are scheduling.

One type of painting per class, for the entire class!

Send in an image of what you would like to create, and you will receive an email within 1 day, about the possibilities.

Cost varies depending on type of art / canvas used materials, starting at $35

Duration: 1 1/2 hour per first class

When additional classes are scheduled to finish the painting, cost will be $25 per hour, regardless of canvas size for groups, and $75 per 1 1/2 hour for individuals - canvas not included. 

5-hour packages are offered for individuals (canvas not included); $300

Individual classes and group classes are available (minimum of 4 participants required for groups). Don’t have a group of 4? Register, and you will be contacted when the required minimum is reached.

Prices for paint classes include selected canvas, paint and use of materials required (paint/brushes/easel etc.). Varnishing the finished product is an option, not a requirement; cost is not included in price.

1. Silhouette of nature scenery with/without animal/human included.

2. Detailed animal portrait.

3. Abstract; Learn about Wilhelmina’s experience and insights & create your own.

4. Pour Painting class; Learn about the mediums, do’s and don’ts – no pour painting on location!

5. Dutch Flow painting class; Learn about “Dutch” Flow paintings & create your own.

6. Embellishment on Pour/Flow Painting; bring your finished & dried pour painting.

7. Embellishment on Abstract Painting; bring your finished & dried abstract painting.

Contact her to learn more about the many possibilities; T. 405 470 9555, or email: